Personal Branding
Cheryl Milmoe
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Your Reader Wants To Know:
Applicant Tracking Systems
Your Resume Needs To: 
Who is this person?

What have they achieved?

Why have they been successful?

How can they add value for us?

Sell rather than tell your career story.

Capture your strengths - showcase your talents

Use searchable keywords for ATS

Distinguish responsibilities from accomplishments
Cardinal Expert Resumes
Get Noticed  *  Get Interviewed  *  Get Hired
Is your resume generating interviews?

Are you getting calls from recruiters or employers?

Does your LinkedIn Profile complement your resume?

Is your resume brand focused and keyword optimized? 
with career documents that are compelling and relevant
Crisp, clear, and concise

Brand focused - keyword optimized

Highlighting talents & achievements

Clear on why you are qualified 

Content Should Be:
Personal Branding

Why is personal branding so important?

Your personal brand is all about you. It is your distinctive signature and is conveyed in everything you say, do, and deliver. It is what differentiates you from your peers and effectively communicates the value you add to your team, organization, and company.

An excellent example of branding that works:
Coffee … a commodity … sold everywhere. Yet people will walk past five coffee shops to get to a Starbucks. Why? Because of its unique 
promise of value. It’s an experience that’s only available there.

The cardinal is a perfect example of natural branding and is why I chose it for my company logo.
Your brand needs to be this obvious too.