Cheryl Milmoe, CARW, ACRW | Writer & Career Advisor
  • Is your resume generating interviews?
  • Are you hearing from recruiters/employers?
  • Does your LinkedIn Profile include your interests and values?
  • Does your resume reflect your brand?
  • Is it clear to your reader what you stand for - no matter what?

Get Noticed - Get Interviewed - Get Hired

Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

Give your reader answers to their most important questions:
Who are you professionally?
What have you achieved?
Why should we hire you?

Your resume is your #1 marketing tool.

Every section and every bullet should:
Sell you to your next employer.
Highlight your strengths and showcase your talent.
Be keyword optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS.)
Distinguish accomplishments from responsibilities.

Your personal brand is all about you!

Absolutely everyone has a brand! Yours is the distinct signature that you place on everything you do, everything you say, everything you post, and all that you deliver. It’s what differentiates you from your peers and competition and it tells your reader, unequivocally, what you stand for.

Your brand needs to be consistent and evident in every one of your career documents – resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and yes, even your elevator pitch.

There’s no mistaking the cardinal. Mother Nature “branded” it with a distinctive crimson color and it is why I chose it for my company logo. It stands out!

It stands out! Your brand needs to be obvious too.


Cheryl Milmoe
Cardinal Experts Resumes