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Is your resume generating interviews?
Are you hearing from recruiters/employers?
Does your LinkedIn Profile include your interests and values?
Does your resume reflect your brand?
Is it clear to your reader what you stand for – no matter what?

Get noticed. Get interviewed. Get hired.

Are you hearing from recruiters and hiring managers after sending or posting your resume?

If not, then it’s time to work with a nationally certified resume writer and LinkedIn profile expert to create an authentic and personally branded narrative that reflects your voice, promotes your brand, and positions you as a top competitor in your market.

Cardinal Expert Resumes knows just how to help you convey your exceptional value to potential employers. You know where your strengths lie. You know where you’ve succeeded. It’s time to promote you and your brand with clear and compelling language.

If you’re ready to accelerate your job search and land the position you’ve been working toward, are qualified for, and deserve, then let’s get started.

It’s not enough to simply list your work history and a few keywords. Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters need to tell your career story in distinctive and accomplishment-rich language. These strategies will capture the attention of your readers and show employers, hiring managers, and recruiters the benefits that come with choosing you.

Is your resume—and your LinkedIn profile—generating interviews?

Your resume is your #1 marketing tool and your LinkedIn profile is #2—hands down. If you’re not igniting interest from recruiters and employers, Cardinal Expert Resumes will guide you! Cheryl is an industry recognized and credentialed career expert who can show you how to get your job search in gear with a resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and professional bio that will help you sell yourself into your next position.

Your Personal Brand: What You Offer That Others Don’t (or Can’t!)

Your personal brand is a composite of your values, skills, strengths, and experience. It is strengthened as you evolve as a professional with each job, promotion, and skill acquisition.

My brand is communicated in my logo: the cardinal represents virtue, responsibility, and balance. Its color and design is noticeable, vivid, and distinguished from others. Your brand needs to be that obvious, too.

You, too, are a brand. Communicate your ROI thru your Value Proposition—your passions, strengths, and skills—and back it up with stellar standalone documents.

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